Why I'd rather be an FHB

In 2006, my life changed. I sustained a traumatic brain injury in a cycling accident. I went from someone involved in providing services to someone receiving them. I became a ‘TBI’ ( traumatic brain injury). It was a sobering. It was also dehumanising. 
But everyone loves an acronym don’t they? Apart from when you find you have become one. 

I was lucky - I recovered. Mindfulness was a big part of that for me.  I was thinking today about my health records and whether I had been re-categorised into something else.

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A rare opportunity to hear David Whyte speak

David Whyte will be speaking at a very special Sussex Mindfulness Centre event on the morning of the 6th June (University of Sussex). The theme is "The Art of Creating a More Beautiful Mind".

This is such a rare chance to see David Whyte in person in the UK. As of last week, there were still a few places left, but do get in quick if you'd like to attend. The cost is £75.

If you've not come across David's work, the below video gives some interesting insight.

Reserve your place by emailing: smc@sussexpartnership.nhs.uk.

Poet/Philosopher David Whyte arrives in San Francisco to speak at the historic Herbst Theater. In this engaging talk, David explores our ability to imagine what pulls us toward a far horizon, and shows how a close attention to the poet's voice can help us, in turn, to discern our own.

Good mental health begins in babies

Superb little film about attachment in babies from the Mental Health Foundation - short, powerful and meaningful. Spread the word.

Good mental health starts in infancy and research shows that a baby who doesn't get to feel a healthy bond with a parent is at much higher risk of developing mental health problems than a child with a strong connection to the person who cares for them.